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FUE Hair Transplant vs FUT Hair Transplant

 Robotic DHTTraditional FUE
Step wise approach It is a two step process:
  1. Suction assisted follicle extraction
  2. Implantation to recipient site
It is a multi-step process:
  1. Sharp punch scores the skin
  2. Blunt dissection into soft tissue
  3. Extraction by forceps
  4. Implantation of follicles
Technicality Suction assists the follicle harvest without trauma and follicle damage. High risk of follicle damage while extraction through cutting equipment.
Rotatory punch force Robot’s Rotatory punch force while extraction maximises the success rate to 99%. Manually rotatory punch force is not possible, so success rate deteriorates.
Accuracy Accuracy intact - Since the Robotic device is used that gives a precise rotating punch. Accuracy compromised - Poor angle of penetration can cause a transection of the bulb, destroying the graft.
Graft yield 99% Graft yield is ensured. 80% Graft yield reported.
Speed Robot assistance decreases the procedure time. Manual extraction increases the time of procedure.
Penetration Involves only superficial dermis. Penetrates to deeper layers.
Risk involved Since no cutting tool involved, risk is negligible. Involvement of cutting tool, increases the risk of follicle damage.
Follicle damage Practitioner can obtain 100% intact grafts. 15-20% follicle damage is reported.
Scar Minimal because of no involvement of cutting tool. Minimal to moderate scars.
Transection rate Only 3% graft are destroyed while extraction. 15-20% grafts destruction reported while extraction.
Transparency 100% transparency ensured as no wastage of follicles. 10-20% less than Robotic DHT as wastage of folliclesare sure.


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Girish Chand

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Shailesh Yadav

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Anirudh Sahney

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Akash Malik


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