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Robotic DHT Hair Transplant

Robotic Hair Transplant Delhi

Follicular Unit Extraction, popularly known as FUE doesn’t involve deep cuts and hence is a minimally-invasive procedure in hair transplantation. In this procedure, an instrument is used to extract multiple groups of 1 to 4 hair from donor site under local anesthesia and embedded to the recipient site.

Unlike other methods there are no major and deep cuttings. Thus, the recovery time is shorter and the scars that arise are minimal.

Robotic FUE is a breakthrough technology introduced by Medicamat, France by the name of S.A.F.E.R (Suction Assisted Follicular Extraction and Re-implantation) Robo DHI and known as Neograft in the western world. This patented robo DHI adds a new dimension to the conventional manual direct hair transplant delhi techniques by increasing efficiency and promising better results. It provides dramatic improvements to conventional graft harvesting techniques by performing controlled suction so that the hair root is undamaged. It also uses controlled pressure re-implantation as compared to the manual direct hair transplant delhi.

DHI Hair Transplant Clinic India Offers:

Automated follicular unit extraction
This technique offers the best graft yield i.e the success rate of implanted grafts is very high due to no human intervention or environmental contamination.

Graft Yield Rate
Feather touch Implantation technique offers you 99% Graft yield as the graft is not subjected to the stress that it generally encounters in traditional FUE. This also ensures the highest success rate of implanted grafts as there is no root touch is done, i.e the implantation is carried out with the dead part of the hair leaving the root intact. While in traditional FUE this rate is 80-85%.

The Robot increases the accuracy of the transplanted procedures by providing precise suction and rotatory punch force for harvesting hair follicles along with exact pressure for the implantation.

As the robo DHI offers suction assisted harvesting of follicles and Feather Touch Implantation, it decreases the surgery time, thus maximizing the patient comfort.

Berkowits ensures 100% transparency rate. We value the faith of our patients on us. With the help of “Graft Counter” you can monitor the number of grafts at the time of procedure. While in other clinics you will find the difference of 10-20% in the number of grafts promised and implanted.

Transection Rate
Transection rate is the rate of graft destroyed during extraction. Robotic DHT offers you the minimum transection rate i.e 3% where as in Traditional FUE this varies between 15-20%.


Comprising all the factors and considerations the overall impact of Robotic DHT over Traditional FUE is calculated below in percentage order.

 Robotic DHTTraditional FUEDifference in Results(%)
Graft Yield Rate 99% 80% 19%
Transparency Rate 100% 80% 20%
Transection Rate 3% 20% 17%
Total Savings/Result Enhanced     56%
Traditional FUE - When done rightTraditional FUE - When gone bad
Good angle of penetration of the cuttingtool. The blub is cut out entirely when done rightPoor angle of penetration causing a transection of the bulb, destroying the graft

In the traditional F.U.E. technique, the cutting equipment penetrates up to the top of the hair bulb, which greatly increases the risk of damaging the follicle. In fact, many surgeons admit to having a loss of more than 15 to 20% follicles, which is hard to accept for a patient who is spending such a huge amount for each hair! The surgeon then pulls out the graft, most often with a tweezer, which also traumatises it or, may leave the hair bulb in the skin.

In the Robotic DHT technique, the practitioner makes the rotating punch penetrate to the level of the superficial dermis, and simultaneous suction makes it possible to harvest the entire follicle without any trauma, even when the angle of penetration of the punch is not perfectly within the axis of the hair. Thus, the practitioner can obtain 100% intact grafts.

This extraction technique provides optimum graft quality and enormous savings, since it is no longer necessary to use a tweezer to extract the graft, reducing the risk of traumatising or damaging the graft.

  • Transfer of the graft directly to the storage chamber.
  • Rotation of the punch that penetrates only the superficial dermis.
  • Extraction of the graft by suction.
At Berkowits we can transplant upto 2000 hair grafts through FUE in a single day.

Facial Hair Transplant

It is not only the scalp hair that can be transplanted. Robotic DHT also offers you facial hair transplantation according to your need. Our expertise professional Doctors are carrying out this successful maneuver for Facial and body hair also. Treatments like patchy beard reconstruction, eyebrow reconstruction or moustaches restoration can also be performed through transplantation.

Do not worry about the scarring, as like in case of scalp hair the other areas of the face also heal at the same rate. Approximately within a week the micro scars starts vanishing from the site.


I would like to thank the team who carried out my transplantation and the staff who made me belief that I can also have a Head full of hair. I regained my lost confidence for which I will fully give the credit to Berkowits. Thank u so much.
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I would like to thank Berkowits for helping me getting back my lost appearance. The team was excellent and the staff is very cooperative and efficient. My best wishes are with Berkowits as they doing tremendous job in this sector. Thank u once again…
Girish Chand

It was a great experience with Berkowits where I have gained my lost confidence which was vanished by my uncertain baldness. I would also like to thank the team and the staff who made me feel so comfortable throughout the stay. Thanks a lot…
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I love Berkowits, as here I have received that for what I have been dreaming for from past so many years. I wish the centre all the best and I will definitely recommend this for my friends and known also. Thank u Berkowits….
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My experience with Berkowits was very good. I found here outstanding hospitality and out of the world technology. This is the reason I will recommend Berkowits Hair transplant centre to my family member who is also looking for transplantation. Thanks Berkowits for making me look of my age. Thanks a lot….
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