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Medical tourism in India for hair transplant

medical tourism

India has now become one of the leading countries in delivering extraordinary medical and surgical facilities. Berkowits in itself is a name that is famous for providing such unique interventions related to hair restoration. From past few years we are successfully carrying out hair restoration surgeries with high success rate than ever. Considering the need of such practices across the world, we have introduced the medical tourism india provision for worldwide clientage to take benefits of our experienced and result oriented methodology.

It is not only the methodology but we also provide you with excel class services at a very reasonable cost. You will be surprised to know that this whole procedure is only a day process and after that one can step out with daily activities without any side effects. The widespread usage of Internet has made the world smaller than ever before. One can get a plethora of information regarding Hair Transplantation and its technique by just a click. With this advancement we give you the opportunity to make your choice for the best of services and technicality. Our Robotic FUE method for Hair Transplantation is a revolutionary advancement in this industry. Our certified and well experienced surgeons are becoming popular not only in India but across the world because of providing such outstanding and remarkable results than ever before.plan your vacations in India with Hair Transplant

The most advantageous fact related to this surgery is that it is a one day process with quick recovery and no follow-ups. So, you can come up for spending a weekend here- get your surgery done- and leave the very next day for your home.

Coming to the cost of the procedure, the lower price is mainly due to the benefit of foreign exchange US $ vs INR and also due to the lower cost of infrastructure and medical insurance. Never suspect about the quality because, we maintain international standards for which we are known as best in the industry.plan your vacations as Medical Tourism for Hair Transplant

Keeping in view the difficulties one can face while moving to a different country, we will also assist you with organizing all the facilities for accommodation and transportation.

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I would like to thank the team who carried out my transplantation and the staff who made me belief that I can also have a Head full of hair. I regained my lost confidence for which I will fully give the credit to Berkowits. Thank u so much.
Rajat Diwakar Sharma

I would like to thank Berkowits for helping me getting back my lost appearance. The team was excellent and the staff is very cooperative and efficient. My best wishes are with Berkowits as they doing tremendous job in this sector. Thank u once again…
Girish Chand

It was a great experience with Berkowits where I have gained my lost confidence which was vanished by my uncertain baldness. I would also like to thank the team and the staff who made me feel so comfortable throughout the stay. Thanks a lot…
Shailesh Yadav

I love Berkowits, as here I have received that for what I have been dreaming for from past so many years. I wish the centre all the best and I will definitely recommend this for my friends and known also. Thank u Berkowits….
Anirudh Sahney

My experience with Berkowits was very good. I found here outstanding hospitality and out of the world technology. This is the reason I will recommend Berkowits Hair transplant centre to my family member who is also looking for transplantation. Thanks Berkowits for making me look of my age. Thanks a lot….
Akash Malik


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