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Hair Loss Occure
  • The dermal papilla which harbours the hair root has receptors for male hormones.
  • An important biological feature of androgenetic alopecia is a change in the effect of the naturally occurring androgen or hormone, dihydrotestosterone(DHT).
  • Normally, the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase converts testosterone to DHT in the hair follicle.
  • Men and women genetically predisposed to pattern baldness often have higher levels of DHT in their scalp, and/or may be more sensitive to its effects.
  • DHT acts on the hair follicle, causing it to undergo a shortened anagen or "growing" phase.

The hair shaft becomes progressively shorter, finer and lighter in appearance until it is virtually transparent and does not emerge from the follicle, a process known as "miniaturization."


I would like to thank the team who carried out my transplantation and the staff who made me belief that I can also have a Head full of hair. I regained my lost confidence for which I will fully give the credit to Berkowits. Thank u so much.
Rajat Diwakar Sharma

I would like to thank Berkowits for helping me getting back my lost appearance. The team was excellent and the staff is very cooperative and efficient. My best wishes are with Berkowits as they doing tremendous job in this sector. Thank u once again…
Girish Chand

It was a great experience with Berkowits where I have gained my lost confidence which was vanished by my uncertain baldness. I would also like to thank the team and the staff who made me feel so comfortable throughout the stay. Thanks a lot…
Shailesh Yadav

I love Berkowits, as here I have received that for what I have been dreaming for from past so many years. I wish the centre all the best and I will definitely recommend this for my friends and known also. Thank u Berkowits….
Anirudh Sahney

My experience with Berkowits was very good. I found here outstanding hospitality and out of the world technology. This is the reason I will recommend Berkowits Hair transplant centre to my family member who is also looking for transplantation. Thanks Berkowits for making me look of my age. Thanks a lot….
Akash Malik


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